Harlaxton RSL Brass Band
Toowoomba Queensland

The Band happily makes itself available to provide musical entertainment for the residents of Toowoomba's Retirement Villages and Nursing Homes.

Every year the band provides musical entertainment at St. Luke's Christmas Tree festival.

Many of these occasions are fund raising affairs for various charitable organisations and the band is happy to help. We believe, by providing Brass Band style entertainment, we are giving to the community a variety of modern and not so modern musical fare that otherwise is not available to them in this era of electronic music.

Toowoomba's population currently stands at approximately 100,000 people. The great majority of these people will see or hear the Band at least once during the year. Nearby towns will also be able to enjoy the magic of brass band music because the Band will also perform at several during any one year. We have shown the communities of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs that age is not a barrier to providing entertainment. Our youngest player is 14 and our oldest 87.

A number of our younger players are studying music at the University of Southern Queensland. here in Toowoomba

The Band is always looking for new players of all ages, experience, and capabilities.

We have a continuous instrument upgrade program in place and are also are in the process of replacing our uniform.

The band is affiliated with the Queensland Brass Band Association but does not compete in band contests. However some of our players do compete as members of other bands.

Mike Gowdie, Band President...